Marine Corps Novelty & Gifts

I Love Jet Noise Magnet
Price: $4.20
American Flag USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor Magnet, 3 1/2 Inch
Price: $3.50
Blue Star Magnet
Price: $3.95
Eagle Globe & Anchor Magnet
Price: $3.50
I Love My Marine Magnet
Price: $3.50
Air Force Necklace Plated
Price: $16.25
Eagle Globe and Anchor Necklace Plated
Price: $15.00
Celtic Cross Chain, Military Issue
Price: $12.95
CROSS Chain, Military Issue
Price: $12.95
LONG CROSS Chain, Military Issue
Price: $12.95
Death Before Dishonor Key Chain, Metal
Price: $3.50
Marine Wife Flip Flop Key Chain
Price: $5.50
Marines Red Mini Tote
Price: $4.95
Officer Candidate School Key Chain, Leather
Price: $3.50
Marine Corps Crest Mouse Pad
Price: $9.50
Eagle Globe & Anchor Emblem Embroidered on Black T-Shirt on Stuffed Plush Bear
Price: $19.95
I Love You Plush Toy Teddy Bear
Price: $19.95
Love You Mom Plush Toy Teddy Bear
Price: $19.95
Grunt Life Wristband-Bracelet
Price: $3.50
Marine Corps Poster
Price: $24.95